Reconditioning Service for Motor Vehicle Engine Components





A Singular Dedication to Mechanical Precision

The workshop was established in Kandy in 1958 to fulfill an important need of motor vehicle owners and vehicle repair centres in the Central Province. It was the first to provide specialised services such as Crankshaft Regrinding, Cylinder Block Reboring, Cylinder Head Refacing, Connecting Rod Servicing etc here, as prior to this vehicle owners had to make a round trip to Colombo and frequently stay overnight there to get the job done.

From the very inception, the business credo was to pay the greatest attention to mechanical precision when performing every type of reconditioning work. 'Mechanical precision' refers to dimensional accuracy, correct geometry, perfect alignment and smooth surface finish. All this is achieved by using the latest models of purpose built engine component reconditioning machines made by reputed machine tool manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere. A team of highly trained machine operators and technicians operate these equipment and execute the work precisely. This they do skillfully by observing and monitoring closely all critical parameters relating to these parts during machining operations. Exact fits, limits and tolerances are attained by the use of sophisticated, state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic measuring instruments and gauges. All these devices are calibrated and checked regularly to ensure accurate dimensioning of the surfaces being machined.

We present in these pages details of the various services we provide to motor vehicle owners and service garages. Some additional information about the components we recondition is also given, which we hope will prove to be of interest to vehicle owners and drivers, particularly those who happen to be automobile enthusiasts. The engine should be dismantled in a vehicle repair garage and the parts brought to us as we only undertake to perform the machining operations. Once the reconditioning work is finished, the components should be taken back to the garage for assembly.


Our Services

  • Crankshaft Regrinding

  • Cylinder Block Reboring

  • Cylinder Block Resleeving

  • Cylinder Head Refacing

  • Cylinder Block Refacing

  • Connecting Rod Regrinding (big end)

  • Connecting Rod Rebushing (small end)

  • Line Boring of Main Bearing Housings

  • Refacing Valves and Recutting Valve Seats

  • Fitting New Valve Seats

  • Diesel Injection System Testing and Calibration

  • Petrol Injection System Testing and Calibration

  • Brake Disc/Drum Refacing etc.




Our Machinery and Equipment

  • Crankshaft Regrinding Machines

  • Cylinder Block Reboring Machines

  • Cylinder Honing Machines

  • Head/Block Refacing Machine

  • Connecting Rod Grinding & Boring Machine

  • Line Boring Machine

  • Valve Refacing Machine

  • Lathe Machines

  • Milling Machines

  • Diesel Injection Testing/Calibrating Equipment

  • Petrol Injection Testing/Calibrating Equipment

  • Hydraulic Presses

  • Welding Plants etc.